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Pervigile is a survival horror game inspired by PS1 horror games.

Created by Elimar Luciano and Nicholas Pedroso


You've just moved into an old rented house, and you'll have to live there alone for a week. Your girlfriend will move in with you, but not until the beginning of next week.

Live alone for seven days until your loved one arrives.

But remember, the house is old and there are stories of strange things that happened inside with the former tenants...

This demo will take place on one of the days of the week!


WASD to Move

Mouse to Look around

E to interact

F to Flashlight

TAB to toggle objetives

Updated 12 days ago
Published 15 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsNicholas Pedroso, Elimar Luciano
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, Singleplayer, Unity


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Spooky game, loved it!

Comments below clip:

The only thing I wanted was to be home and alone, so I could sleep after a hard day's work.


Watch why not.

Great game and kudos to all involved. Thanks for all the fun!

Definitely a cool game. Just wish the flash light was a little brighter!!! 

Amazing atmosphere and everything points to a fantastic buildup in the full game! Looking forward to it!

(2 edits) (+1)

[Very Awesomel]

The game reminds me of older indie horror games, It's amazing atmosphere and simple idea of moving into an old house, makes it so much better. This goes to show that you don't need an excessively unique or original idea to make something awesome! 

Well done! I look forward to more work from you!
(I cannot wait for the full release)


Thank you very much for the feedback and video! I am glad you liked it!!

It is really important to us! 

Soon we will release a new update with some fixes.


Lovely demo, only complaint was the dialogue going too quick other than that its great! I'm looking forward to more~ Game #1 

Thanks for the feedback! We will fix somethings in the next few days! But you can press TAB on the keyboard and the dialogue will show again

In the next update I am making a menu screen with the controls.

Np! I had no idea there was a dialogue button 😭. I can't wait for more updates~


Great creepy game :)


Thanks!! More content coming soon!


Thank you for the experience

Thanks for the video!


Nice Game

Thanks!! Glad you liked it!


Really good demo! Can't wait for the full release!!


Thanks!! Soon we will release another version


nice, would like to see more

Glad you liked it! Soon we will have a new version!


For a little demo this was pretty good. Made a video on it.


Thanks!! Soon we will have a new update!


 cool game , love it

Glad you liked it!!


Great game ! Can't wait for the full game ! 

Thanks! We are working on the final version, and will bring updates soon!


cool scary



thank you awesome game :):):):)

Thank you very much! I am glad you liked it!!!


A lonely protagonist has some ghostly issues.

I liked this. The game was simple, yet it can be played on grand scale and has a potential to be more popular, longer and visceral. I enjoyed my time with the demo.

For the showcase, everything was done perfectly. The interactions, sound design, game mechanics and visuals are great. The performance and overall playability - well put. Although, I did wander about the story. Somehow, the protagonist were not good in terms of personality, especially the girlfriend. Furthermore, I didn't get the story quite as well and I do hope it will be explained more in the final version of the game. 

In conclusion, amazing job. Wish you good luck on the project. Enjoy the video. 

Thank you very much for the feedback! This is really important to us!